How it Works


Telecoms Technology


Hotelfone uses a highly sophisticated, state of the art telephone system which allows calls to be handled on behalf of your business. 


  • Service available 7 days a week 362 days a year
  • Handling telephone and reservation calls
  • Can communicate with hotels at all times 
  • Selling bedrooms and suites from availability determined by you
  • Detailed marketing information on your customers
  • 1 call for 1 agent, relaxed atmosphere
  • Local cluster support and knowledge through local agents


Availability is accessed either directly online or through the hotel's booking engine. 


All bookings are processed by the team with confirmation to the hotel by e-mail. Bookings can be sent to up to three e-mail addresses. Credit card details are stored securely  through  each hotel's system. 

Bespoke Service

Maximising Sales

Experienced Team

Cost Effective