Hotel LiveChat Booking Support

The LiveChat Booking Support Service provides a further boost to revenue gained from direct bookings and meets the increasing demands of the luxury Independent Hotel market.

Hotefone LiveChat allows your staff to focus on other tasks and responsibilities while prospective guests are provided with immediate support in multiple languages. 

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Increased online conversions; capturing more direct bookings with higher sales values.


Established business model and 7 years’ experience guarantees exemplary service delivery.  All aligned to your specific brand standards.

Commission Only Pricing Model and rates considerably lower than the OTAs. No bookings means no cost to you, while your customer service calls are supported too.


Performance is measured and quality monitored.  We capture and analyse not only our own agent performance for your brand, but also your online customer booking behaviours.  Clients are provided with regular performance reports.

Delivering a consistent service to your international clientele in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.

We use our data capture systems to increase your sales value using our detailed market knowledge, whilst using your own website as a booking tool.