Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Hotelfone?

Hotelfone ensures your hotel never misses a potential booking; this lost revenue can be detrimental to the financial success of your hotel. As a luxury hotel, your customer expects a luxury and professional service right from the first phone call. Hotelfone is the only company to provide this exclusive service which is part of your team.

Will the customer know calls are being transferred away from the hotel?

No, all calls are answered with an automated reply of your choosing. The call is then answered Hotelfone staff and they receive a whisper informing them which hotel the call is coming from. They can then answer the phone to each hotels own standards.

What is the charge for this service?

There are different options available for the charging from a straight commission on bookings made to a mix of telephone answering and booking fee. The difference is in the volume of calls and how you wish to use the service.

How long does it take to set up?

From the initial sign up, it takes approximately 15  days to set up Hotelfone and allow live calls to be processed. This is mainly dependent on the hotels telephone technology and the time taken in training of our team.

But my reception and night staff always answer the phone and take reservations professionally why use Hotelfone?

Our research suggests the phone service offered at luxury hotels is significantly reduced at peak times as well as in the late evening. We have undertaken test calls with a number of hotels and consistently up to 17% of all calls made are not replied to. Hotelfone test call hotels to gage at what level of service is currently typical at these times. We can then offer a 16 week trial period with no obligation.

How does the hotel receive bookings?

Hotelfone uses the system best for you to process bookings to hotels. These are received through e-mails with secure access to credit card details. Booking confirmations can also be automatically generated to the customer with hotel specifications as required.

What if the call is for a guest at the hotel, restaurant reservation etc?

Calls can be transferred back to the hotel. Hotelfone will ask what the call is regarding so the hotel staff know who the customer is and what information they require prior to receiving the call transfer. This ensures a seamless and professional service from both Hotelfone and the hotel staff. At all times the Hotelfone team can contact the hotel or transfer callers over if they so wish.

How are credit cards details processed and are these secure?

All credit card details are processed throuh your secure reservation or booking engine.This ensures a secured and professional approach to customer details. 


The profile of hotels which currently use this service are in the 4 and 5 star luxury market and predominately privately owned business who wish to maintain the high level of personal service which has helped establish their excellent reputations. Two hold Michelin Stars and 4 AA Red Stars with an array of other awards from various associations and tourism bodies.

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