Business Continuity and Consultancy

At Hotelfone we have 8 years of supporting the hotel industry using our team of home-based reservations specialists and can provide additional cover at short notice offering a range of options for business continuity and disaster recovery services for our hotel clients.

We provide consultancy services that provide insight into guest demand and buyer behaviour, giving our clients the tools they require to respond better to that demand.

Hotel Room
Country Hotel

We can support your business during loss of telephone service or provide backup for loss of staff cover.


Tailored solutions that suit your hotel and help you prepare so that your staff, customers and suppliers are reassured that you have effective plans in place for managing the unexpected, and maintaining confidence in your business. 

We provide continuation of your reservations and call handling services in the event of your property having to be closed, as well as telephone technology backup in the event of a system or power loss.

Services can be deployed within one hour for our clients.  We also provide ad-hoc business continuity and disaster recovery services.  Deployment of these services depends on the nature and complexity of the work involved.